About me

My motto: Live your dreams!

Grown up in rather humble circumstances and as the oldest of three siblings, I had the chance to take responsability early on. This shaped me. Also in the professional life I always made my way in life and followed my heart. Despite of excellent career opportunities I kept struggling with adversities, bad experiences and energy-consuming challenges. In the beginning I kept these experiences of my professional life by myself and I have silently suffered. However, this had negative effects on my authenticity, my well-being and my happiness in life. As I started to communicate my experiences openly I recognized that almost each employee and manager already suffered from negative experiences in their professional everyday life. As a consequence I felt the big need to support employees and managers in these matters.

This has become my strong mission in life! To support employees and managers to live their dreams professionally and privately.

My vita & my qualifications

  • 1995/ 1996: Exchange year at an American High-School sponsored by a scholarship of the German Bundestag.
  • 1996: Several months in France.
  • 1998 – 2001: Studies of International Business Administration at the Duale Hochschule in cooperation with the Robert Bosch GmbH. Several months stay abroad.
  • 10/2001 - 06/2021: Different responsible positions, mostly in the Human Resources Management, e. g. as interim head of the human resources department in the Bosch group in Germany and abroad 
  • 2011/ 2012: President public relations speech club Toastmasters International
  • 2015: Certified business coach (certified by the German Chamber of Commerce)
  • 2016: Certified business moderator (certified by Moderatio)
  • 2016: Certified laughter expert
  • 2016: Certified profilepass consultant of the German Federal Ministry of Education
  • Since 01/2016: Career & life consultant for professional fulfillment for employees and managers
  • 03/2023: Certified hypnosis master (certified by the German hynosis institute)
  • Excellent intercultural competence
  • Fluent in several foreign languages (English, French, Italien, Spanish)

Some personal things …

  • 21.April.1978: I´m born. Happy and healthy. With very big feet!
  • 14.March.2003: Marriage with the world-best husband.
  • Since 2011: Twice a year vacation in Provence, south of France. The third vacation is always something exotic (Mongolia, Laos, New Zealand, Mexico, Singapur, Guadeloupe etc. )
  • Since 2011: Once a year dinner at the top restaurant Häberlin (3 stars Michelin during many decades)
  • My passion: Discover the world. Enjoying life. Meditation. Yoga. Good food. Laughing. Latino music. Friends.
  • My personality: Empathetic. With a sense and intuition for people, talents & possibilites. Cordial. Positive attitude. Cosmopolitan person. Open-minded. Goal-orientated. With big visions.
  • My values: Self-determination. Health. Reliability. Loyality. Mindfulness. Authenticity. Enthusiam. Gratitude. Empathy. Pleasure to take decisions. Freedom. Serenity. Humanity. Appreciation. Wealth. Work-Life-Balance. Innovation. Inspiration. Intuition. Passion. Ease. Openess. Optimism. Quietness. Autonomy. Responsability. Confidence. Goal-orientation.
  • My daily goals: Happiness and health. I have a strong focus on that!

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