New: Life is up to you! masterclass

The masterclass with Claudia Oestreich – for women who want to find personal fulfillment in their job.

Change your life now

The VIP 1:1 coaching for the job, which gives you personal fulfillment

YOU and your personal fulfillment in your job are in the focus of everything.

Change your life now

New: Life is up to you! masterclass

The masterclass with Claudia Oestreich – for women who want to find personal fulfillment in their job.

Change your life now

The VIP 1:1 coaching for the job, which gives you personal fulfillment

YOU and your personal fulfillment in your job are in the focus of everything.

Change your life now

Searching for the magic formula for professional fulfillment in your job?

Life is up to you!
Change your life now!
Get clarity where you want to go and believe in you!
Start now with my masterclass!

Easily find life changing meaning and fulfillment in your job now!
Envision your dream future and develop the confidence you need to chase that dream!  
Finally realize a full professional life in harmony with your talents, your values, and your skills!

Life is up to you! Masterclass

  • Change your thoughts and you change your life!
  • Discover your identity, your vision, and your joy!
  • Find pleasure in daily tasks and ongoing stress management.
  • Develop self-confident employees and managers at work and in everyday life!
  • Cope with challenging professional situations.
  • Experience positive leadership.
  • Use your talents, your values and your skills!
  • Craft your own personal career plan.
  • Write your younique curriculum vitae.
  • Practice job interview skills.
  • Earn the income you deserve!

As an experienced career coach, I show you in my masterclass, how you will find fulfillment in your job and boost your career by applying MINDSET DELUXE = working with your mindset on a top level.
The result: You are fully happy, satisfied and you can fully enjoy your life in a self-determined and independent way.

Get clarity for yourself!

Customer references

Claudia supported me during several months and coached me regarding my further career development. I learnt incredibly a lot from these coachings and today I´m more self-confident and goal-orientated. She always gives everything and I could see my blocks and barriers very quickly. Upon request she has some easy and effective tools in her portfolio....

Dr. Boliang Yi Scrum Master & Development Engineer Automated Driving

Dear Claudia,
when I booked the coaching with you I was in a very unsatisfying and desperate situation.
My job didn´t make fun anymore and I had no idea what I would like to do.
Thanks to your very precise analysis of my person and the incredibly exact definition of my weaknesses I developed myself so much which I never thought was possible.

Birgit Krug Sales Manager

Dear Claudia,
I would never ever have dreamt that I can realize so much after such little time.
Thanks to your coaching I got again courage to continue my personal development as well as the development job wise.
It was especially important to me that I could trust you.
I felt myself very at easy and valuable.
Thanks for everything. I'm...

Nelly Okumu Team assistent

Looking for a coach I found by chance Claudia. Coach for professional fulfillment with meaning and ease, this is exactly what I was looking for. Here we go, after exactly 3 weeks of coaching I found the right job for me. I learnt a lot about me as a personality and therefore I improved the way of interacting with myself and with others...

Allience Wloch Controller

Bei Claudia hatte ich den Genuss der 8-Wöchige-Masterclass „Life is up to you!“
Die Wochen bei Claudia haben mir unheimlich viel gebracht. Ich bin selbstbewusster, habe viel mehr Energie und bin viel fröhlicher geworden. Auch meine Bewerbungsunterlagen haben mit Ihrer Unterstützung neuen Glanz erhalten und machen echt was her! Sie gibt immer alles...

Michael Versuchsingenieur

I was happy to join the 8-week-masterclass "Life is up to you!" by Claudia.
The masterclass empowered me a lot! I became more self-confident, I have a lot more energy and I became happier. Also my Curriculum Vitae became excellent with her support and it looks really great now! She has a deep know-how and she always supports with solutions also in...

Michael Testing engineer

Claudia Oestreich is very professional and reputable. I can warmly recommend her!

Michael Dion Head of Manufacturing Information Technology

In autumn 2020 I was lucky to have 4 intensive coaching sessions with Claudia via Zoom. What shall I say, it was very inspiring and it refocused me regarding all professional matters. Claudia could help me with a lot of advices, methods and very concrete feedback to find a new guideline for my professional development and to act also more...

Sabine Hansen Purchaser

I did a coaching online via videoconferencing with Claudia Oestreich 3 months ago. The training was online and I was surprised how well it worked out. The good thing is that the coaching sessions are recorded so that you have yourself the possibility to assess from the side and to watch the suggestions and the methods again. So you don´t have to...

J. B. Engineer

I had a very successful coaching with Claudia Oestreich one year ago and two weeks ago. Claudia Oestreich is a coach with a very wide experience. She provides a very professional coaching, exercises and suggestions. It was very helpful for me. I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart and I can very much recommend it.

W. Wang Testmanager

We absolved a coaching in the 4 th quarter 2020 with Claudia. To both of us it was unclear how our professional future will look like. Claudia helped us to get clarity and we have worked with in 4-5 sessions. Since I knew Claudia already before her working as her own business as a coach there was the confidence already from the beginneng and also...

Monique & Marcel Assistant & Deputy Director Manufacturing

I deeply know now about my persona and personality after the coaching with Claudia Oestreich!
In such a deep dive that exceeded by far my expectation! All of my personal topics which I wanted to treat were excellently covered. My "topics which I brought along" were purposefully extended by Claudia Oestreich based on her wide experience. To name it...

Tamer Belly Al Soufi Industrial electronics engineer

I was on the search for some answers and recommendations in order to help me to sort my daily life and my thoughts newly. Different private events led to the fact that I was on the search for a "new-old" identity. In the coaching with Claudia we looked at my challenges, my questions, my insecurities and ideas from different perspectives. Her...

Esra Nadolski Senior Consultant

Due to different abnormal challenges in my professional everyday life I decided to participate in the masterclass „Life is up to you“ by Claudia Oestreich. It was a brilliant coaching package which covered all my wishes and needs well. Check of my curriculum vitae, training of job interviews, support how to cope with the challenges in my...

I experienced an incredible VIP-coaching with Claudia Oestreich. A competent and cordial sparring partner who questions the status quo in a very systematic way and who showed me ways to set clear priorities. She is demanding and supportive at the same time which gives you the power to make the impossible possible. The coaching was very challenging...

Alexandra Raupach Bank counselor. Volksbank Leonberg-Strohgäu eG

Claudia Oestreich supported me with a VIP-Coaching to have a good career entry.
I became aware of that my felt „weaknesses“ were actually no weaknesses so that I was able to present myself in a more self-confident and convincing way. Due to her competent way of being and her experience which she has in this area I trusted her advice completely....

Linda Gschrey Lawyer. Rödl & Partner

Claudia Oestreich prepared me on a VIP coaching strategy day for the challenges of my new leadership role. She supported me to clearly define my goals, to systematically go after them and to set corresponding focuses. Even today I think with gratitude back to the coaching and I still perceive it as enriching, informative and eye-opening.

J. S. Head of department

Claudia Oestreich supported me in an excellent way during the VIP coaching strategy day when I was at the point to orientate myself newly regarding the job.
She is an excellent listener und she gave me valuable impulses for my development during our talks. In addition, she has a lot of empathy and she stands out with her long-time experience in...

Marion Glatthorn Bookseller

Thanks to her broad knowledge of methods and her responsiveness to my individual needs in a difficult professional phase the VIP coaching with Claudia Oestreich showed me ways to set my potential free and by that to cope with the challenging working environment. Her open feedback showed me to reflect and improve my effect to my surroundings.

Lena Project Manager

I work at an international company. I decided for the VIP coaching strategy day with Claudia Oestreich in order to get clarity which direction I should take professionally. Do I want to become a manager and am I suitable with my personality for it? Or should I rather decide for the expert path? Or maybe should I decide for self-employment? I got...

Ulrike IT-Expert

The VIP coaching strategy day with Claudia Oestreich was so individually tailer-made that I felt comfortable and at the right place. She was an extraordinary sparring partner of my career with her ideas, tips and experiences, at a point in time, where I didn´t know how to continue. My prospects and dreams were part of our collaboration and my...

Pinelopi Argyropoulou Opera Singer. Singing coach

Dear Claudia, you really achieved it to show one in a very direct but attentive way these topics which detain one to get out of the comfort zone. By your way of proceeding you activated my courage to jump into the cold water (to make a life interview in your group). Therefore and for many other deeply clear talks I am very thankful to you! Love,...

Nicole Sherina Keppler Ergotherapist & Coach

Claudia gave me the clarity to discover my goals and the courage to live them.

Katja Pürzer Student of social pedagogy

Claudia Oestreich supported me in an excellent way to find the proper job for me. Is she an excellent networker and with her long-time experience in the Human Resources Management is she the absolutely right person! Claudia Oestreich has a high intercultural competence und taught me a lot regarding the intercultural integration in Germany. In the...

Rana Mohammed Nursery teacher

I searched in Stuttgart for a suitable job for me, ideally as in installer for heating systems. Claudia Oestreich supported me excellently with the search for a suitable job for me. She has a big network. She organized all my application documents in a perfect way. She is the absolute expert in her field with her Human Resources Management...

Ammar Kurdi Installer for heating systems

I made a wonderful experience with the coaching programme. It gave me so much positive energy! It effected so much with me. I know now the vision of my life. I gave my life a complete different direction. I know that I can realize all my dreams and that out of my own power. MINDSET DELUXE changed my life! To think positively and to stop negative...

Younes El Marzouki Student of Economics

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